Mobile Redirect

Information on TitanTV Guides Mobile Redirect.

The redirector can only make the decision (mobile vs web) when it loads. After that you stay on the site that was chosen.

The redirector decides to use the mobile site if:

  1. The web server interprets the device as being a mobile device from the browser string, or
  2. The orientation of the page is portrait (height > width), or
  3. The size of the window is less than 640 x 480.

If the Guide is put in an i-frame on a desktop website, its orientation must be landscape (height < width).

Redirect URL:
Replace “siteID#” with the station’s site ID number that is found in their current TitanTV Affiliate Guide URL.

Below is a basic sample of how to display the TitanTV Guides in an <iframe>. A few things to note about the attributes in this sample:

  • srcThe Site ID will be provided to you by one of our sales or account managers.
  • border: should be equal to zero(0) or the <iframe> will have a border around it.
  • height: needs to be expiremented with to find the size that best suits your widget.
  • width: controls how wide to make the window.

<iframe src="//{{siteID}}/r" style="border:0; width:{{width}}{{unitType}}; height:{{height}}px;">